Thursday, September 13, 2012

Can't Even Think of a Title for This Post!

Hello, my dearest lovelies.

I am trying to decide on a title for my first ever self-published book and I'm having the hardest time with it! I'd love to get your opinion on this. Here's the skinny on the book, a romance/chick lit hybrid:

Maya is a former NY fashion designer who's run out of town because of a scandal. She reinvents herself as a fabric artist in San Francisco and is commissioned to do an installation at a dot com headquarters in Silicon Valley. Derek is the wunderkind tech entrepreneur who Maya goes to work for. He's a crazy workaholic - Maya describes him as a cold, robotic, superhuman android type. The story begins with her already in San Francisco, so the scandal stuff is in the past.

The cover will lean more towards chick lit than romance (even though Derek will be on there) and so I thought maybe the title should be more romantic. I'm afraid of irritating chick lit fans who might think there's too much romance in it so thought the title should maybe clue them in to the content. Then again, the blurb will do that...

Decisions, decisions.

Okay, here are some title options:


Woven Fabric

Butterfly Threads

Interlacing Threads

But Robots Can't Cuddle

Reinventing Maya

Masquerading as Maya

Maya 2.0

Which one would you pick? None of the above? If there are two or three of them that you like, please let me know. Many thanks!!!



  1. I like Woven. Simple, multi-layered. Other possibilities might be Interwoven or The Fabrics of Our Lives.

  2. BTW, Angelica French is a pseudonym. I'm in Chick Lit Goddesses as Sharon Moore

  3. I really like Reinventing Maya. I also think Woven could be great with the right cover art. How exciting for you!

  4. Thanks so much, ladies! I'll start a tally. :-)

    1. I definitely am excited. It's bringing out the control freak in me. Hehe.

  5. I like Robots Can't Cuddle (without the but). I also like Reinventing Maya. Good luck!

  6. Before I saw there was a list of choices, I was already thinking along the lines of "makeover", but then it didn't appear anyway. Reinventing Maya is probably the closest but could easily become, 'Making Over Maya' or 'Makeover for Maya', just to confuse matters further o_O

  7. Or even... Extreme Makeover: Maya 2.0

  8. Reinventing Maya stood out the most to me :)

  9. Thanks, Laura. And Aurelia, thanks for the additional suggestions. Especially Extreme Makeover: Maya 2.0. That'd pique a reader's curiosity! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the input, everyone!!!

  10. Rather than "Masquerading as Maya" I'd choose "Unmasking Maya." You still get a little bit of alliteration (Cat!), but having read the manuscript, I'd think the unmasking part was more appropriate.
    Still, I'm a fan of simple titles, too, so "Woven" is good. As is "Layers." It just may not tell the would-be reader enough about the story.
    Libby, you'll know. It'll hit you and you'll know, as I did with mine.

  11. Martha, that's a really, really good point. Unmasking Maya would actually be very accurate. I think this may be the one.

    Not sure if I'll just know, though. :-) Truth be told, I've always felt unsatisfied with the titles I came up for Fashioning a Romance and Espresso Macchiato.

  12. My first thought was Fabrication which is not on the list. Reinventing Maya would be second. I'd also like to see you do something with Threads. Threads of time is too traditional. Thread Lightly?

  13. Thanks for the suggestions, Marcia! I especially like Thread Lightly - I LOVE titles like that (Misery Loves Cabernet and The Misfortune Cookie). But I think I'm going to go with Unmasking Maya. It really does capture the essence of the story. :-)

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