Monday, July 15, 2013

Author Interview: Kamy Chetty

Hello my little lollipops! Today I've got Kamy Chetty on my blog, who's had three of her red hot romances published. Read on to learn more about her writing experience, the way her nursing career influences her writing, and, of course, read on to find out more about her sizzling stories!

Libby Mercer: Welcome to my blog, Kamy! I understand that you work as a nurse. It’s great that you have the professional experience to authenticate the medical aspect of your stories. Are there any real-life situations that you’ve used in your books?

Kami Chetty: Some of the medical situations are similar to those situations I have worked in, and there are those I have fabricated. The characters are all fictional.

LM: Do your colleagues at the health service you work at read your books, and if so, do they try to look for themselves in your fictional characters?

KC: My books are based in a private hospital situation but all my colleagues and family read the book looking for a character that might be them but there is no character that resembles them at all. My books are an escape from work and life and I would hate for it to imitate real life in any way. That being said, my husband would like to think every hero has some of him in the characterJ

LM: About the cover of Breathe Again, hello! Am I right to assume this is a red hot read?

KC: You would be absolutely right. I had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that I write very, very hot romances, steamy sex scenes that are classed as erotic romance. I still go around saying, but it’s just very steamy sex scenes and everyone else says, no it’s off the charts hot. Who knows how they class it? All I know is I write an emotional story with steamy sex, you make up your mindJ

LM: The cover of Family Ties is so different. Is this more on the sweeter side or are there some sizzling scenes in this one as well?

KC: This one also has steamy sex scenes but I thought it would be a nice touch to let this book have a family feel to it. I’m not sure I know how to write sweet romanceJ

LM: How long ago did you start writing?

KC: I have been writing all my life. When I wasn’t writing in diaries, I was writing poems and short stories but I quit for a long time after I had children and life got in the way. Then I started again eleven years ago. I was reading a book and got frustrated with a lacklustre plot which had me throwing the book across the room thinking, I can do better than this. The dream of being published started at that moment, and I worked at it until that dream came true.

LM: Did you always want to be an author or did you get there in a roundabout sort of way?

KC: When I was five, I knew that I was going to be a nurse. That was it. There was no other path for me. So I am not sure how my passion for writing tied in with my nursing but somewhere along the way writing became my release and a way to get lost in my own world. There are so many times when I am challenged as to which profession I love more, but the beauty is I never have to choose.

LM: Tell me, do you have any wild or wacky writing quirks?

KC: No wild writing quirks but I have to have my coffee, music and a clear writing space with a pen/pencil and pad to scribble notes

LM: Who are some of your favorite authors?

KC: There are quite a few, Maya Banks, Nalini Singh, Amy Andrews, Jodi Picoult, Dean Koontz, Robin Cook, Stephen King

LM: What’s your all-time favorite opening line?

KC: Jack Torrance thought: Officious little prick. Stephen King- The Shining

LM: What’s your ultimate professional dream? Bestselling author status? Hollywood film adaptation? Total world domination? All of the above?

KC: Total world domination would be boring, I’d hate to have to give up all the time I’d need for shopping to have to rule the world. So maybe become a bestselling author and have my book turned into a movie so I could have more funds to shopJ

LM: What’s your next project? Are you working on a new book right now?

KC: My next project is a sequel to my first book Falling into Paradise. Watch this spaceJ

Read on for The Lightning Round, but first a peek at the caliente cover of Breathe Again:

and now for... THE LIGHTNING ROUND

Plotter or Panster?


Character first or Plot first?


Mac or PC?


Edit as you go or Power Through and edit later?

Edit later

Early bird or Night owl?

Night owl

Coffee or Tea?


Coke or Pepsi?


Sandals or Stilettos?


Diamonds or Pearls?


Snow-capped mountain or Sandy beach?

Sandy beach

Cowboys or CEOs?


Ginger or Mary Ann?

Mary Ann

Superman or Batman?


Alpha heroes or Beta heroes?


Austen or the Brontes?


Mr. Darcy or Captain Butler?

Mr. Darcy

KC: Thanks for hosting me, this has been so much fun and I absolutely love your coversJ

LM: My pleasure! Thanks so much for being here, Kamy, and thanks a million about my covers. You've just made my day!!

Folks, you can visit Kamy's website here

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