Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day Q&A with Maya Kirkwood

Hello my little seed beads!

Today I've got Maya Kirkwood, the heroine of Unmasking Maya here discussing all things romantic. Just so you know, she hasn't met Derek yet. Her answers might have been a little different if we'd had this little interview after they met.

Me: Thanks for being here, Maya! If you don't mind, I'd like to get right down to business.

Maya: Sure, no problem. And thanks for having me, Libby.

Me: My pleasure! Okay. First question: Are you currently in a relationship? If so, tell us a little bit about your S.O. And if not... what are you looking for in a romantic partner?

Maya: I'm single right now and I wouldn't have it any other way. Still reeling a bit from what my ex did... Anyway, if I were looking, I'd want a man who's pretty low-key when it comes to career ambitions. Someone who just punches the clock and doesn't take work home with him, you know?

I nod, suppressing a giggle. She's just described the exact opposite of Derek.

Me: How old were you when you had your first kiss - and can you share what you remember about it?

Maya: Hate to sound all dramatic and everything, but there were some crazy things going on during my adolescence. If you knew what went down, it wouldn't surprise you at all that I was a late bloomer as far as my budding love life goes. My first kiss was at age sixteen with Steven, a boy from school. He was a sweetheart - quiet and artistic.

Me: Aw... Okay, what's the best romantic gift you ever received? And the best one you ever gave?

Maya: Back when I was studying at Parsons, I had this big project I was working on. I had my heart set on this imported Italian silk tweed, but it was way too expensive. For my birthday, my boyfriend presented me with three yards of it. I know that doesn't sound super romantic, but it meant so much to me. He was so supportive and caring. As far as the most romantic gift I've ever given... I guess it was probably a weekend trip to Martha's Vineyard. That was a different boyfriend - years later when I had some money. Haha.

Me: What's your favorite romantic comedy, book or movie, and why? What about love song - and why?

Maya: Don't laugh, but I've always been a sucker for the mid-sixties romcoms, especially those starring Doris Day. They're just so OTT and there's a sort of idealistic innocence to them. Pillow Talk is my favorite. I must have seen it twenty times. For my favorite love song, it's got to be "When I'm Sixty-Four." It may be a bit farfetched - the idea of being with someone for so many years (and being happy with them) but I like to think it's possible.

Me: Please describe your dream wedding.

Maya: You're probably going to think I'm some kind of recluse, but I love the idea of doing it in seclusion. Maybe on a quiet beach somewhere with only the necessary people in attendance. I'm a private person, and I don't like to be the center of attention. But rest assured, I'd still be wearing a killer dress. Structured layers of silk charmeuse, probably.

Me: Would you design the dress yourself?

Maya (looking at me like I'm an escaped mental patient): Obviously.

Me (laughing): Excellent. Thanks so much for chatting with me today, Maya!

Maya: Anytime, Libby.

Maya's got her gallery opening tonight, so she bolts right after the interview. I take my time getting my notes together, a grin spreading widely across my face. Maya will be meeting Derek tonight, and she's not going to know what hit her.

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Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.



  1. I love that Maya's favorite romcoms are classics from the 60s! Fun Q&A! I'm looking forward to reading Unmasking Maya. :)

    1. Oh yes! That sounds like it's right up your alley, Nancy! I'm really looking forward to reading True Love Way too. :-)

  2. I love that you planned this interview just before Maya meets Derek--brilliant! Great post!

  3. I agree with Maya's idea of the perfect wedding! I can't wait to read Unmasking Maya - coming up soon in the TBR!!

    1. Thanks, Meredith! LOL. I have to say, though, I'm not exactly on the same page with you and Maya - even though I don't like to be the center of attention either, I'd probably take advantage of the fact that it's an excuse to throw a really fabulous party!

  4. Great interview, Libby! I am in total agreement with Maya on Doris Day/Rock Hudson RomComs being the best, although my favorite of theirs was Lover Come Back. Funny how many of our heroines wanted to get married on the beach! :)

    1. Ooh, that is a good one too, Tracie! And I know. So strange about all the secluded beach weddings. Really weird, actually... :-)

  5. Great idea, Libby, to contrast this interview with the others--not having met Derek yet really adds a fun dimension to her answers. We can chuckle along. Great fun to read these interviews! You all are so clever!!!

  6. Awww...I loved this! Such a fun Q&A! Maya is such an adorable character and I loved reading about here, both here and in UNMASKING MAYA! :)

    1. Thanks, Cat! I had loads of fun writing Maya! :-)

  7. Fabulous! I loved Maya's fashionably-minded character in UNMASKING MAYA, and Derek is no slouch, either!

  8. Love this! The pics are awesome and this was such a fun interview. I loved Fashioning a Romance and can't wait to read Unmasking Maya!

  9. Nice to get a chance to get a chance to know Maya a little bit better. This is a must read for readers of UNMASKING MAYA!

  10. I agree with Maria! It was great reading this interview with Maya! Fun interview.


  11. Pillow Talk is one of my all-time fvaorites:)!

    1. That's fabulous, Allie! Mine too. I've got the poster in my bathroom. :-)