Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lovestruck by Lisa Scott's Wedding Flirts!

‘Tis the Season

It’s that time of year again: we’re all getting our nails done and strapping on our dancing shoes to watch our friends and loved ones march down the aisle. Or perhaps some of us are marching down the aisle ourselves. In the spirit of the season, I figured I’d blog about Lisa Scott’s Wedding Flirts, which I, for one, fell head over heels in love with.

Wedding Flirts is a collection of five romantic short stories. These sweet – and often hilarious tales – are fine as stand-alones, but because they’re loosely tied together, they work beautifully as a collection. The final story features all the couples from the previous tales, united at the world’s wackiest wedding.

The collection opens with “My Fake Fiancé” in which our heroine hires a hot guy to act the part of her fiancé at her long-time frenemy’s wedding.  Their roles soon begin to feel natural… very natural. Next up is “Bridesmaid Blues” where our heroine, a committed singleton finds herself smitten with the quintessential marriage-minded man. “The One That Got Away” is an emotional tale about lost love, and an old couple being reunited at the worst possible time – right before they’re both getting married to other people. “Wedding Auditions” is hands-down the most hysterical story I’ve read in ages. The love story is absolutely fabulous, but I have to say the bridezilla – a secondary character – kinda steals the show. And finally in “Do Over” the wedding photographer who’s popped up in most of the previous stories encounters her high school crush and is forced to relive her most humiliating moment. But she didn’t get the whole picture way back when…

One thing I loved about the collection was that the stories were incredibly varied. Some of them were lighter than others. Some were a bit somber, touching on serious subjects such as terminal illness. There was a mixture of first-person and third-person perspective, and one of the stories, “Wedding Auditions” was told strictly from the heroine’s point of view.

All in all, Wedding Flirts is a delightful read. The stories were packed with LOL moments, one of which I absolutely must share with you.

In “Bridesmaid Blues” Mikki, the committed singleton, has already expressed her desire for Ben, the handsome groomsman who’s looking to settle down. Although he plainly informed her that he’s not interested in a one-night stand, they’ve got crazy chemistry, and her frustrations are increasing by the moment. He’s on the dance floor with every old lady and little girl in the wedding party, and Mikki keeps trying to cut in. But each time she makes her attempt, someone else moves in and snatches him up for the next dance.

Lisa Scott writes, “I was about to tie my white g-string on a stick to announce I was giving up.”

And I just about fell out of my chair, laughing.

Although I’ve only recently discovered Lisa Scott, she’s got loads of short stories and short story collections out – which I have to say is kind of bittersweet news for me. (I want to read them all immediately, but my to-be-read list is already the size of a small mountain.) Seriously, though, if you’re a fan of well-written love stories that make you giggle like a schoolgirl, you should check her work out. Here’s a link to her site: As a final note, I must mention that one of her short story collections is entitled 15 Shades of Pink. How fabulous is that? Gotta love this gal…

And now for the prizes: I’m giving out an e-book copy of Wedding Flirts AND of Fashioning a Romance, my debut novel. The contest is open internationally.

How to enter:

I want to know what your favorite shade of pink is. Bubblegum? Salmon? Fuschia? Dusky rose? Whatever you choose, simply comment on this blog with your preferred pink and your email address. I’ll choose two different winners when the hop ends after June 22. Here's a list to the host blog. Happy hopping!



  1. I would say dusky rose for fabric and kind of a light plum rose for lipstick.

  2. Must go with the name, definitely dusky rose for me. Even sounds romantic!

  3. Libby, so glad you enjoyed Wedding Flirts! I had a lot of fun writing it. Thanks for the review. How about flamingo pink?

  4. Dusty was my wedding colors.

  5. Dusty Rose... It's soft in My eyes.. ;b

    Thank's for the Giveaway...


  6. Hi, thank u for this giveaway. The book sounds great. I'd love to win it. About the colour, fuschia pink indeed. I love "brave and strong" colour. Sometimes, wearing something like that could affect to yourself, give me more confidence.


  7. Just popped in to say thank you to everyone who's posted. I don't know what I'd choose for my fave pink color. I love so many different shades of pink. But maybe I'd go with bubblegum...

  8. Bubblegum pink... if i must have to choose

  9. I definitely just googled shades of pink so that I could properly name my favorite shade, haha. And wouldn't you know it's simple "hot pink." :-) emily joy drake at gmail dot com

  10. I'm a fuchsia girl!

  11. Dusty rose is my favorite shade of pink.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  12. my favorite shade of pink is Mary Kay pink, it's so nice and simple.

  13. My favorite is Oriental Fuschia.


  14. Thanks so much to everyone for commenting! Congratulations go out to Juana and Astri for winning the giveaways. Juana, you've won the copy of Wedding Flirts! and Astri, you've won the copy of Fashioning a Romance. :-) I'll be in touch.