Sunday, April 29, 2012

It Takes A Village... To Launch A Book

As a former journo, I know all too well the value of the goodie bag, so there was no way that I could not have goodie bags at my launch. And I used to work in marketing too, so I know the protocol. I know how to come up with a decent pitch: "We're expecting at least a hundred people, this could be great exposure for your brand." And by the way, this is not a lie.  I'm telling everyone and their mom about my launch party and over seventy people are already confirmed! It's not easy to get people on board with the goodie bag thing - asking small businesses to part with merchandise for free is a tall order, I know, but I am super psyched about the companies I do have on board.

So in the spirit of the event, this post is a love letter to the fabulous guys and gals at Perfect Fit, Samona Date, Pink Bunny, The Enchanted Crystal and Skin. I am so grateful to you for padding my goodie bags (and for providing the killer raffle prizes).

Sadly I couldn't get any chocolate companies on board.  I came very close with the owner of the healthy cafe across the street from me.  He mentioned he might be able to do chocolate-covered strawberries.  In the end, he said they were too busy to manage it, but now my heart is so set on having chocolate-covered strawberries, I'm thinking about making them myself!  Should be interesting...


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